Affiliate Agreement An

4.4. All amounts payable under this agreement are included in VAT (or a similar tax) that the Affiliate must pay to its local tax collection authority. These VAT payments for amounts collected pursuant to the terms of this Agreement are the responsibility of the affiliate account and the Affiliate undertakes to declare and pay all these amounts in accordance with the local law in force and is solely responsible for any breach of the company. Accordingly, the Affiliate undertakes not to charge or demand a VAT payment or a contribution from WHMCS in relation to this agreement. To you: Your address, as shown in our affiliate account information for you. Commission fees are fees that the merchant pays the Affiliate for each successful lead (i.e. a converted lead). This could be based on a percentage of the levy agreed upon (for example. B 10% of gross lead sales) or on a set amount based on the price of lead. A converted lead can be any user who (d) intellectual property rights – in simple terms, this clause gives the Affiliate non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to use/access/market the other party`s product. These rights exist as long as the agreement is in force. If it is established that the partner alters, alters or manipulates the intellectual property in question, he may be held liable subject to the terms agreed in the contract. Protect your business if you reach an agreement for a marketing or recommendation program.

Use this membership agreement for all businesses in England, Wales or Scotland. It is designed to be simple and comprehensive so that both parties know where they stand and that unnecessary litigation can be avoided. The rights and remedies provided for in this agreement are in addition to statutory rights or remedies and are not exclusive. 6.1. Each party undertakes not to disclose confidential information about the affairs, business, business, customers, customers or suppliers of the other party or a member of the group to which the other party belongs during this Contract and for a period of five years from the end of this Agreement, unless authorized at point 15.2. 14.1. If a partial provision or provision of this Agreement is or should become inoperative, illegal or unenforceable, it will be deemed amended to the extent necessary for its validity, legality and applicability. If such an amendment is not possible, the corresponding provision or partial provision is deemed removed.

Changing or removing a partial provision or provision under this clause does not affect the validity and applicability of the remainder of this contract. An affiliate agreement will lay the foundation for a productive and profitable relationship. An affiliate agreement generally cannot be used if there is only one general affiliation that is open to everyone. (b) WHMCS` overall liability in recent years as a result of the expected performance or performance of this contract is limited to the amount paid to the Affiliate by WHMCS in the twelve months prior to the date on which the claim was born.

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