Does Canada Have Social Security Agreement With India

Thank you for your response, Doug. So can Canadians apply for and obtain social security coverage in the United States in the same way I described it, or is that where the totalization arrives? It`s also part of our confusion, it`s that there are 3 systems that we`re trying to understand… CPP/OAS/SS ….. It is possible to collect more than one. We are not going to spend several weeks at an appointment in the SS administrator. The office will at least give us time to arm ourselves with as much knowledge and information as possible. I`m sorry, but on our website, I don`t trust our sS employees in this city. I guess the only other way is to take a proper lawyer to “neglect” the trial and make sure its calculation properly. I have a question for the weP group and totalization on Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom. The Government of Canada is advancing pay transparency measures… I don`t know if citizenship is a factor in preserving American SS, but otherwise, it could definitely get both oAS and SS (as well as CPP with the WEP offset). I came to Canada when I was 26, I will be 65 in May 2020.

I am only 7 years old in the UK and I will not be eligible for the UK pension. How much will I receive in Canada and should I wait a few more years? Hey, Doug. The question of the method of calculation. I lived in Canada for 15 years during my OAS assistance period, then moved to the United States and worked there for 10 years before moving abroad. I understand that I can receive payments from the OAS on the basis of the agreement that has been reached in that country. But my question is, what do I get paid for? I am 65 years old and a citizen of two states (United States and Canada) currently lives in the United States. Over the years, I have travelled back and forth between the two countries and have realized that you must have been in Canada at least 20 years after the age of 18 in order for your OAS pension to be payable permanently outside of Canada. I am a Canadian citizen – worked in the United States for 3 different companies (28 quarters in total), returned to Canada in 2009.

Have worked as an employee and also independent for parts of this period. Currently (I am 73 years old), I receive CPP/OAS services at the same time as a supplement of QPP – I am employed as a teacher, so my income varies depending on the course load. Is there, as an income recipient in the United States, a certain 7-year pension that I could receive because of the high amount of mandatory SS contributions I made while I was employed in the United States? You know that I am not directly entitled to U.S. pension benefits because I do not fill the required 40 quarters of employment. … would an additional benefit under international agreements be available in this regard? My question for you is whether I would be able to get CPPD results until age 65 if I moved to another country and lived in another country and disconnected all residential relationships in Canada? I hope to live in a place where the cost of housing and food is lower, but I have received conflicting answers to my question.

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