Tenancy Agreement Template Oyez

This form can be used either by a landord or by a tenant to propose changes under a periodic tenancy agreement. If the condition of business work in Schedule 3 of the Housing Act 1988 is met with respect to the property on which the proposed guaranteed lease relates and the lessor wishes the lease to be a short-term lease, he must communicate this notification to the tenant before the conclusion of the lease agreement. 1. Agreement 22 is established for use when the lessor wishes to lease property and create some form of lease, called a secure short-term lease agreement (“AST”), where the intention is to use the rental deposit system to which specific rules for the recovery of the property apply. These rules are set out in the Housing Act of 1988 as amended by the Housing Act of 1996. The rental deposit system covers all promised short-term rents (TTAs) that began on or after April 6, 2007. 2. Since February 28, 1997, most individual rentals have created an AST when the property is leased as separate dwelling. There are a few exceptional cases that are defined in Schedule 2A to the Housing Act 1988, which does not establish an AST. These include cases in which (a) the intended tenant already enjoys legal protection for his occupation of the property; (b) the intended tenant previously lived in the property under a guaranteed lease agreement that was not an AST; or (c) the statutory requirement for agricultural workers is met. If you feel that any of these circumstances are applicable, you should not use Agreement 22 without legal advice.

3. If you use contract 22, you grant the tenant the right to occupy the property for a certain period of time. Such a lease is referred to as a short-term indeterminate lease. There is no minimum length for an ASST, but it is customary for the fixed period to be at least six months. Even if you specify a shorter period of time when the court proceedings are based on point 21, the court cannot order the tenant to give up possession for more than six months from the beginning of the lease (or the beginning of the original lease, if the AST stagnates at the end of a previous NTS). 4. If you want the tenant to retire at the end of the term set out in the tenancy agreement, you must notify the tenant of Law 21 (HA21) on the dwelling at least two months before the expiry of the period.

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