Unlv Transfer Agreement

The following information is available to students who have been transferred by a two-year NSHE (Nevada System of Higher Education) Institution: College of Southern Nevada, Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows Community College or Western Nevada College. Students who move from the University of Nevada, Reno or Nevada State College must follow the general requirements for transfer admission. If you have more specific questions about the change at another school, send us an email. After graduating as an associate, the College of Southern Nevada encourages its graduates to transfer and pursue their bachelor`s degrees to a four-year institution. CSN Academic Advising and Career – Transfer Services helps students explore other post-secondary options by providing resources and information for a successful transfer to a four-year college or university. “Thank you for this gift! I appreciate the help I received from the transfer office meeting. Janet helped ensure that I have taken transferable credits and am on track to start at the NSC and start in the spring of 2021 at UNLV. Thank you for the help!! ” – Brandon Kwasniewski Do you need to check the status of your credit assessment for transfer from another school to CSN? Send an email to begin with. If you are unsure of the classes to follow, and this happens to many students, consult a university counselor. Counsellors can help with the selection of a diploma, represent classes to be completed by semester and clarify transfer issues. Check this checklist to make sure you`re taking steps to successfully move from NSC to a four-year university or university. Students considering moving to a non-governmental institution should contact the university or the university`s admissions agency to find out about their transfer process. Most higher education institutions and universities also have detailed websites that list educational needs.

“I am so honoured to receive this award. Since I have been here for over two years at the NSC, I can say that I never thought I would be there to get this. I am also grateful to CSN for having UNLV transfer advisors. I have met Janet several times and she has always been so generous with her consultation assistance and advice for me. If it wasn`t for all your advice, it would have been difficult. In fact, I was admitted to UNLV and I`m super excited to start my new session in the fall of 2020. Again, thank you for your helpful advice and for this award! ” – David Coupel While we try to help students know the best we can, other schools outside Nevada have their own requirements, which are primarily the responsibility of students to know. Go to the school you want to transfer to and get more information as a transfer student. Get a graduation sheet and course description to help you choose the most appropriate classes.

Services are exclusively available to NSHE students at UNLV/CSN transfer offices located on each of the NSC`s three main campuses (West Charleston, North Las Vegas and Henderson). The transfer offices are staffed by UNLV university advisors and admissions representatives who work specifically with students considering moving to UNLV. Among the services offered are: students who move to the University of Nevada, Reno or the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, must complete the equivalent of 24 semester credits in the bachelor`s degree streams, with an overall average of at least 2.5. Students who move to Nevada State College must complete the equivalent of 12 semesters in the bachelor`s degree, with an overall average of at least 2.0. Some majors need a higher average. Our transfer program advisors are still working to help students move to UNLV! To maintain our quality of advice, we offer Google Hangouts and Webex advice.

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