Usc Working From Home Agreement

Remote employees should visit the CoVID-19 resource site in the Employee Gateway to access remote work policies and required documents. As outlined in these guidelines, all employees were required to complete USC`s remote employment agreement by the end of September 2020, unless they had already reached an agreement with their department, in which case they would have to complete the USC agreement by January 1, 2021. Employees working remotely must also complete the remote work checklist. All documents are available on the covid-19 resources page. Your HR partner can help you determine the schedules typically used for your department as well as the appropriate options. Most employees work a 7.5-hour or 8-hour business day. For example, many employees work a similar schedule at 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with one hour for lunch (7.5 hours per day), 8-16 hours with half an hour of lunch (7.5 hours per day) or 6-14:30 with a half-hour lunch (8 hours). As the head of your unit, you have the right to change schedules by working with your supervisor, HR partner and staff to meet the business requirements of your unit and the individual requirements of your employee. USC supports flexible hours, telecommuting and other employee-friendly options – but you need to ensure that your company`s business requirements are met optimally and that your team continues to work at the highest level. On-site employees (employees who must leave their homes to work on behalf of the university, including at non-USC sites) may be entitled to additional paid sick leave COVID-19. Workers who work from home and are injured in the course of their work may be entitled to a work allowance.

The reporting process is the same, as if you were working on campus, and starts by informing the employee of his supervisor. Workers` compensation records must be completed and Broadspire (our legal society) must be called at 800-495-2315. Employees who work exclusively from home do not qualify. Yes, employees whose child care centre is closed or who do not currently require child care because they work from home can block their flexible expense account because these situations meet the criteria for a qualifying event. Sign up for Workday. If you enter the break, ask for the winter break from December 21 to 24 and December 28-31. Please note that paid university holidays are valid on December 25 and January 1. USC is committed to a healthy, safe and flexible work environment for its employees. A Home Work Agreement (WFH) provides the university with the opportunity to invest in the diversity and inclusion of its people. To ensure the safety of our staff, we need an application process.

All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the supervisor for review and subsequent approval by the cost manager. The Data Protection Commissioner and the officer are responsible for meeting the requirements set out in these guidelines prior to any request for approval of an WFH agreement. If all requirements cannot be met, it is up to the supervisory authority to ensure that appropriate alternative measures are taken. Please note that the paid winter break policy is a staff work policy that does not apply to resource staff, daily staff, student staff (including teaching and research assistants), university staff and teachers. For faculty and scientific staff in most licensing programs, the teaching break will be from November 25, 2020 to January 10, 2021, without reducing compensation, with the usual expectations for scoring, course preparation, research and service.

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