Christchurch City Council Collective Agreement

Given that boards face small disruptions in financial market share and their publicly funded cash flows are not as vulnerable as private markets, it is difficult to compare roles, she said. READ MORE: `Bloated salaries` at Christchurch council where 1 in 4 earn over `100k – Secrets and lies: Will the public ever know what Christchurch City Council was hiding? Christchurch City Council has paid US$55,000 to the recruitment agency to help find a new CEO – Cream to head the public sector leadership The Council`s commercial arm, Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL), did not support the salary extension, according to a report released last year. If you work for a board, company or organization controlled by the Council or a local public body, we are the union for you. Apart from the above requirements, the parties decide what is stipulated in the collective agreement (unless the employment agency is invited and agrees to set the terms of the contract). The management contract, which means that Vbase`s staff is employed by the Board, expires in June. The choice of restoration was to start the “staff transfer process” of the local body. Department heads together earn about $6.14 million — about $180,588 per person or 3.4 times the typical worker, while 46 department or department heads between them pay about $6.35 million, averaging $138,044 or 2.6 times the typical income. Darren Burden, Vbase`s CEO, said the choice of a transfer – he disagreed with the term “outsourcing” – was that catering staff had to ensure a “smooth exit” from an agreement the organization had reached with the Council. “It therefore seems unacceptable to seek compensation for what would be considered acceptable since they work in a local council environment.” Council staff have individual employment contracts. “The further Vbase moves away from the Board, and Spotless is another degree of separation, the further away she is from a living wage.” “If you think that`s the case, I have the problem that if you look at the management of these functions in the boards, they are not exposed to the same risks or responsibilities if their role in some kind of private sector business.” When the collective agreement between the worker ends or the worker leaves the union: “Most Council employees earn about the average wage or less.

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