Collective Agreement Meetings

You can use our model to help you create a collective agreement [DOCX 105KB]. The proposal does not replace negotiations, but provides a framework for a collective agreement and a number of model projects. (Some of these clauses are mandatory, others may be a source of negotiation.) Article 3 of the DGAV stipulates that a collective agreement must be concluded in an authentic or private act and therefore in writing. In practice, the agreement always consists of a written agreement between the parties to the collective agreement and not a notarized deed. The DCLA does not impose additional restrictions on the conclusion of a collective agreement. This is why it is possible for social partners to enter into an agreement electronically (in principle, the same applies to collective agreements other than collective agreements within the meaning of the DCLA). Although the application of a collective agreement does not require a handwritten signature, collective agreements are often signed by the parties (i.e., if necessary, the use of a printer and scanner or camera). In the case of Covid-19 in particular, the violation of certain general unions through security measures may result in a temporary suspension of the company`s activities. In accordance with Section 4 of the Wages Act (ESC), parties must inform the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment in writing of the conclusion, amendment or termination of a collective agreement within the meaning of the DCLA. A collective agreement enters into force the day after the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment notified the parties of the receipt of the collective agreement. Despite the Covid 19 crisis, the application of a collective agreement can be carried out in the usual way. The rule of written form was not changed by the German legislator because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

It is therefore necessary to obtain “wet signatures” for the conclusion of a business agreement or collective agreement, even if, in the current circumstances, this can be a little difficult and complicated. You can use our information and resources to conduct effective meetings with your team during the negotiation process. Before entering into an enterprise agreement with the employer, the Works Council is required to make a formal decision. Under the new law passed by the Bundestag in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, the decisions of the Works Council can now be adopted by videoconference and teleconference, as described previously in Flash No. 2. Each party should take notes during negotiating sessions and also record progress made in non-negotiation meetings. School facilitators begin two weeks of federally paid union meetings to discuss upcoming collective bargaining, with pay equity agreements also at the top of the agenda. All stages of collective bargaining have meetings, for example with the people you represent, the negotiating team during negotiations and the report-return meetings after. Preparing for collective bargaining involves a number of important legal actions and equipping the negotiating team to participate fully in the process. The management of meetings shows the respect of the participants and the value of their time.

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