Csu Service Agreement

The CPDC strives to maintain coherent, balanced and understandable agreements and welcomes proposals for possible improvements. Even agreements in which no money changes ownership must be signed by a person with authority if the agreement obliges or obliges the university to perform an act or makes the university responsible for the actions of others. The university cannot assume responsibility for an unauthorized contract or purchase, so payment or benefit obligations become the personal responsibility of the person who illegally approved or signed an agreement. An agreement between the university and the place of internship is only necessary for unpaid internships available for academic credits. The Chancellery defines a contract as “contracts, agreements, inter-institutional agreements, agreements, agreements, agreements, partnerships, alliances, cooperation agreements, or any relationship in which the CSU acquires or supplies (or exchanges) goods or services( (ICSUAM 1101). All suppliers/suppliers/contractors operating on the CSU Long Beach campus must comply with the COVID19 safety protocol regarding the wearing of a mask on campus and maintaining a distance of six feet from others. Masks are required on campus at all times. The latest information on CSULB`s response to COVID19 can be found on our One Beach website for campus providers, service providers and visitors. Contract Services works with the internship coordinator in case of renewal of an existing agreement. The CSULB-approved internship model is available on the CSULB Forms page. Enter the name of the internship representative and his email, and the form will be automatically forwarded by Docusign to obtain signatures. The initiator will receive a final copy of the agreement if it is complete. There are risks associated with recruiting a person (individual, contractor, organization, etc.) for a service at CSULB.

The nature and level of risk vary depending on the services to be performed. The CSU requires that contracts contain certain coverage and minimum insurance limits in order to reduce these risks. The inclusion of insurance requirements for a particular purchase, activity or contract is reviewed in collaboration with the risk management division of CSULB. For the reasons mentioned above, the CSU expects its agreements to remain unchanged and generally endeavours to limit the revision of the language of the contract to an annual update cycle. Sectoral adaptations to individual agreements can be considered to meet atypical conditions such as restarting projects, project hypotheses and disaster recovery efforts. University programs that require fieldwork or internship experience as part of the course application must recall the agreement reached with the place of internship through an “affiliate” or “Student Field Placement” agreement. The agreement guarantees the student access to the website and ensures that site staff monitor the student and provide a useful experience. The agreement also defines the relationship between the university, the place of settlement and the student. After Contract Services has signed and processed the new contract or renewal, a copy is provided to the academic program. Each CSU campus procures its own goods and services; Contact them directly for information on campus goods/services needs. Please note that the university`s purchasing guidelines require, before entering into a contract with a service provider or advisor, that the provider/adviser be selected according to the voting method; The total cost of the contract determines the selection procedure to be followed.

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