Non Exclusive Publishing Agreement

Publication agreements vary by publisher and vary depending on whether or not the book is published in the form of a book, chapter, journal article or conference paper. Some publishers do not use publishing agreements; in this case, they have only the right to publish the work for specific purposes. If an author sends an article to a particular magazine. B and there is no agreement, the publisher can only publish the article in the issue for which it was transmitted. They would not be able to publish the article in an annual collection of popular articles without the author`s permission. With regard to those who come into force, the question arises as to what are the provisions relating to electronic secondary distribution contained in the agreement. On the other hand, when entering into new publishing contracts, there are different ways to contractually secure the right to self-archiving in an OA repository. Some authors, who publish their works in subscription newspapers but nevertheless reserve the right to archive them themselves, have adopted the practice of breaking certain words before signing the publication contract. Another option is to supplement the agreement with a separate supplement or insert an additional clause to guarantee the right to make the work available in OA. This is what many academic institutions expect from their researchers. The University of Zurich thus invites its researchers to “maintain critical rights over their copyright transfer contracts in order to allow self-archiving in ZORA.” Wheatmark`s publication agreement is not exclusive.

What does this mean for you, the author? Authors and publishers usually have a publication agreement (sometimes called the author or license agreement) when a book is published. Suppose you`ve been publishing your book with Wheatmark for some time, and you have the ability to have thousands of copies of your book printed cheaply by another printer, for example. B a printer in Hong Kong or even in the United States. You want to continue to sell your book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble with Wheatmark`s book distribution system, but you don`t want to miss the opportunity to get thousands of copies at a better price. The good news is that you can do both: Publish your book with Wheatmark and have additional copies of different printers printed. As our publishing contract is not exclusive, you have the freedom to do so. In short, this means that you are not locked into an exclusive contract; You can cancel or publish elsewhere at the same time. There are a number of ways to deal with copyright under an agreement: in agreements with publishers in the United Kingdom or the United States, the following clause could be used: the agreement generally includes information, for example. B the date of publication of the book; How it is published (printed or online, or both); the number of copies made available, etc. if the author is entitled to royalties as they are shared between the author and the publisher, when they are paid, etc.

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