Office 2003 License Agreement Keeps Coming Up

Just bought a new computer with Windows Vista. I installed Office 2003 because I didn`t want to pay for an upgrade. Everything works well, but it invites me to accept the C.A.C. every time I go Word, PowerPoint, etc… Thank you! I really appreciate this correction that also works in Win7 with Office 2003 Small Business Edition. Every time I open Outlook 2013 (paid $149.00) a box appears in which she asks to accept the deal. I`m tired and two hours on the phone with so-called a Microsoft expert didn`t help them “don`t know why”! This most often happens for Office/Outlook 2003, which is installed on Windows Vista or Windows 7. That`s impressive! I tried several other corrections considered until the registration changed, all successfully No. My 2003 Word worked with Windows 7, but the Accept window remained intact no matter what I tried.

Reader Jean has a problem: she installed Office in 2003 on her brand new Windows 7 system, and every time she runs it, a pop-up forces her to accept Microsoft`s (EULA) end-user license agreement. Yet Microsoft Office is cool and pretty good. However, the 2003 team did this permission without really thinking. I hope so, because if they actually thought about it and did it anyway………. Sighs! Thank you very much…. It drove me crazy every time I was postoffen! Look for the next registry sub-key, then click with the right mouse button. If “Run as an Administrator” doesn`t show up, if you click the right mouse button on the shortcut, use the Start menu or home screen search area to find Outlook.exe. If you hold the Ctrl-Maj button down while you click the right mouse button on the Outlook link you use to open it, the Run as an Administrator link must also be enabled. . Simple solution, but very valuable.

Thank you very much for your help. . . . Every time you launch a Microsoft Office program like Microsoft Office Word, the End User Agreement dialog box appears. When you click “Accept,” the “End User Agreement” dialog box is obscured and re-appears. If you click “I Accept” again, the “End User Agreement” dialog will disappear and the Office program will work as intended. . 2. Look for the executable file for each program that presents this problem.

In this example, we use Outlook. Thank you. A right click on Outlook in the Start menu did not give the execution as an administration option. I had to find a view.exe and with the right mouse button, today I used your advice, and in less than a minute everything was perfect. Thank you very much. Dang it, Microsoft, they`ve already agreed! She agrees! An update for my last comment: I have two “Program Files” folders. The other is `program files (x86) `. The second folder is where I found Office11. I had to explore a little bit, and your proposal worked.

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