Etfo Agreement

Their local collective agreement is full of rights, rights and protection against arbitrary treatment. ETFO residents will now work with their respective school authorities to negotiate local collective agreements. Members of the Ontario Teachers` Federation (ETFO) voted to adopt centralized collective agreements with the Ontario government, the Ontario Association of Public Schools and the Council of Trustees` Associations: READ MORE: Ontario`s elementary school teachers reach a preliminary agreement In short, collective bargaining protects your rights as education workers. Read your collective agreement today. “ETFO will review next week the details of its preliminary central agreements and ratification process with local leaders and ETFO members.” “This etfo preliminary agreement is giving new impetus to the agreements and progress that students deserve under last week`s preliminary agreement with the English Catholics Association of Ontario (OECTA),” Lecce said in a press release Friday. ETFO has reached preliminary agreements at central negotiating tables. .

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