Senegence Distributor Agreement

There is no conviction on Amazon to let them sell the product if the company has a deal with Amazon, that it will not be sold outside of what they allow. I have the impression that MLMs will become extremely popular in the coming years. I was really surprised to read that Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 was also a distributor! SeneGence has left me with a negative impact, but I`m not quite against it. I think they can offer a valve for women to share their love of beauty products (or whatever) with a group of people who love exactly the same thing. How do you think that with this business, you`re going to have a large community of social media fans? YOU HAVE TO WORK ON IT. It takes time. I digest thousands of dollars a month as a distributor, and that`s my full-time income. I worked to build my social media followers. But guess what? My upline princesses are not really interested in social networks and make even more money. You can succeed in this business without being experienced on Facebook and without having a large network. Why do you think it takes time and it`s not a “get rich fast” pattern? Social media isn`t the only way to sell your product.

I don`t have a large community of social media fans yet, but as a distributor, I blame myself. They have parties, they make demos and market themselves in another way. Every time you leave home, you represent your business, so sell yourself and your product. I don`t care if it`s a stationary store or an MLM store where they only have what you put in it. If you had a stationary store, you should invest in the product. To be a distributor, you don`t need to invest in testers or have warehouses, it makes your job much easier. You will find the annual fee of 55 $US and all other information about the minimum purchase amount required directly in the agreement when you register. Just read it before clicking OK.

Hello, Anna! I really understand how you feel. SeneGence charges you a 10% storage fee if you return the product. It might be worth returning your unused product and getting most of your money back.

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