Shipper Letter Agreement

Each of these freight companies will require shippers to complete an SLI document in their own specific layout or template specifically containing their logo and terms and conditions of sale. The sender must indicate the undersigned company, the name and date of subscription to complete the document. The main purpose of this document is to give the carrier the necessary instructions to ensure that the goods are delivered in a timely and proper manner. The letter also lists all attached documents and indicates the number of consignment notes. This document serves as a written record of who received all the shipping documents and to whom you are addressing any questions. When the carrier receives the letter, the company begins to prepare the shipping documents. The letter must also be signed and dated by the sender. A Shipper`s Letter of Instruction (SLI) is an essential legal document/contract between the shipper and the carrier (or Party 3) that arranges the export of an issue. It is a detailed document that is used in international trade and contains logistical instructions for exporting a shipment….

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